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SM.Org software update 2012


Python, Ubuntu, Django

Over the course of a few recent weeks I updated this site to a more modern software and revised some previously made choices. This one was loooong overdue considering that I still ran Ubuntu 9.10 before the update meaning that the system was almost 3 years old. Here are some ...

Why I don't like class-based generic views



… because I have to replace this: def category(request, slug, language): translation.activate(language or 'ru') category = get_object_or_404(models.Category, slug=slug) return object_list(request, template_name = 'marcus/category.html', queryset = models.Article.public.language(language).filter(categories=category), paginate_by = settings.MARCUS_PAGINATE_BY, extra_context = { 'category': models.Translation(category, language), 'language': language, }, ) with this: class Category(generic.ListView): template_name = 'marcus/category.html' paginate_by = settings.MARCUS_PAGINATE_BY def ...

Core devs on the future of Django



During recent DjangoCon I caught some of the core developers and asked them to share their views on the future of Django. The idea is hardly original — every leader of something is constantly being pestered about THE FUTURE. But I had a personal interest too. After being away from ...

Django as a micro-framework



There is a common knowledge that Django is not suitable for writing small ad-hoc projects that don't need anything special apart from displaying some HTML. Boot-strapping a Django project is considered a work substantial enough to not bother with it just for a couple of functions. It was always "obvious" ...

Changing places


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Friday 24 December was my last day at Yandex' Moscow office. As many already know Alena and I have moved to Seattle. She's went to work for Bing and I've got an offer from Yandex to keep working for it as an external consultant which I gladly accepted. Before My ...

Marcus: a bilingual blog



Back in January I quietly replaced here a WordPress installation with a custom blog software. I didn't write anything about it then partly because of laziness and partly because of the fact that the software itself was quite banal. However one of the advantages of having a custom solution is ...