Hello, everyone!

About a month ago I posted here an April's fool half-joke about switching this blog to English after writing exclusively in Russian for 5 years.

Unexpectedly the idea was accepted by my Russian readers with mild enthusiasm. So here it is — an inaugural post in English about... me posting in English :-).

Short intro

My name is Ivan Sagalaev. I'm a web developer working mainly in Python. Currently I'm leading a group of Pythonistas at Yandex — a leading Russian portal and search engine (yes, we're bigger than Google here in Russia :-) ).

Here I'm writing mostly technical stuff on Python, Django, programming languages in general, software design, parallelism, web technologies like OpenID, HTML etc.

From now on I'm going to write in both languages to share what I want with a world-wide audience. Please subscribe to the feed, read, leave comments!

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  1. ods
  2. homakovDotCom

    I gotcha, u just want improve English. It's obviosly. Let's do it together ;)

  3. Kirill Gorelov

    Though I'm not a native speaker either I feel like pointing out one thing I've noticed.

    Never use past perfect tense if you specify the exact time. You wrote:

    About a month ago I've posted here an April's fool half-joke...

    You should have written: "About a month ago I posted..."

  4. Ivan Sagalaev

    Thanks Kirill! You're right (though it was actually a Present Prefect).

  5. Конфуций

    Hi Ivan,

    Please don't delete the comments about an errors in the English posts. It gonna be fun to read them for others who want to improve themselfs (just like me) :)

  6. bialix

    Let's go!

  7. Julien Genestoux

    Wenglish is the international language of the internets!

  8. Eugene Lazutkin

    Way to go! BTW, nobody expects a perfect English from foreigners (tolerance, pragmatism, and all that). As long as you can convey your ideas.

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