Though the code of highlight.js was always open the library was never a real project. There wasn't a place for development discussions, no documentation wiki and no bug tracker. Instead I was just accepting new languages and patches and answered occasional question by mail. Nonetheless the highlighter has somehow managed to become my biggest project in terms of contributor count!

So I've finally decided to stop getting in the way of its advancement and turned it into a proper project.

Basic things:

Though I'm not a huge fun of git compared to bzr I've moved the code to GitHub — mostly abiding to public pressure. This implies that my long-term plan is to stop writing code for this thing and delegate it to the community of involved developers. Eventually I'm turning into a kind of "tsar" sitting on a throne accepting pull requests :-).

Wiki is currently open to everyone and I already suffer from occasional spam. If I won't find a way to fight it efficiently I'll just require some kind of registration.

The last unresolved problem is a place for tracking bugs. I've started a discussion on this.

Come on in!

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