After long time considering if I need an e-book at all I finally bought a new Nook. My current life style allows me more time to read and after having recently read "Anathem" I realized that reading and keeping paper bricks in the age of advanced contemporary e-books is just not for me.

Why not an iPad

Speaking of the life style, I just don't see why I would need any tablet at all. When I'm at home I mostly sit at the table and work with the laptop. I also take it with me to conferences and for travel. I watch movies with my wife on the desktop machine with a bigger screen. When in the car, I drive the car. And while walking, tablet just doesn't fit in my pocket because of the smartphone that's already there.

Apparently the only thing I want to do that my laptop is not very good at is reading. And an e-book is just cheaper than a tablet.

I'm actually convinced that the only reason so many people buy tablets is that they have 500-800 bucks they just don't know how to spend :-).

Why not a color LCD screen

LCD screen is more expensive, heavier, suffers from glares in the sun light and has more chances to completely discharge during the long ride or flight. So eInk is the solution.

I believe color e-books are gradually being supplanted by tablets. The market will disappear when the latter become a bit cheaper.

Why not a Kindle

I would buy a Kindle hadn't B&N release this second generation Nook just in time. It has no apparent disadvantages against the Kindle but has its own unique features:

Besides, I have a Barnes & Noble store within a 5 minute drive so I could fiddle with the device as much as I wanted before I decided on the purchase.

Little details

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  1. Metin Amiroff

    Congrats with the new gadget! I'm curious, how does the Nook perform with pdf files? Can you add bookmarks, highlight text and save all this into files for later use?

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