I want to draw your attention to an interesting offer made by Adam Kennedy from Kaggle to sponsor the development of syntax highlighting for the R language:

highlight.js came to our attention with the addition of MATLAB support, as it is one of the two dominant languages used by our community. We plan to switch to highlight.js from prettify.js (and already have in a dev branch).

Further, we would like to sponsor the addition to highlight.js of the primary language used by our community, the R statistical computing language ( http://www.r-project.org/ ).

I think this is a nice opportunity to help a good project and make some money along the way. I'm sure Adam will be happy to clarify any details, so reply to the group if you're interested.

From the highlight.js part there is a language definition guide to get you started. Of course I'm always happy to explain how things work in the highlighter in the hopes of getting more contributors on board and sharing maintenance :-).

Also I'm pretty excited about this thing in general. One of my focus since… well… pretty much since the inception of highlight.js was encouraging other people to contribute to the library. This way we've got such unique languages among syntax highlighters as MEL, RenderMan and Axapta, to name just a few. This sponsoring is a good precedent and if it works out to the mutual satisfaction of the parties I hope it won't be the last.

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  1. Ivan Sagalaev

    The feature was eventually implemented by Joe Cheng: https://github.com/isagalaev/highlight.js/commit/c29d513f9527f0aede026d3df7473d5edbb8502b

    Thank you for your attention!

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