A while ago I reported on switching this blog to a custom software named Marcus. Despite its source code being available in the open I didn't intend developing it into a full-blown project for two reasons: a) maintaining it would have taken much more time than I could afford and b) being completely anal about my own blog software I didn't want to piss off contributors by constantly rejecting all the features they would propose. Anyway, if someone felt so compelled they could take the code and start developing it on their own.

Which is exactly what happened. Mikhail Andreev took my old code, put it on GitHub and, as far as I can see, already added quite a bit to it. The project got a different name (by my own request) — django-marcus. It is also available on PyPI.

I'm honored someone deemed my code useful and glad that it won't end up being neglected after all. All hail to Open Source!

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  1. adw0rd

    Thanks for the PR, I hope that it will be useful to someone :-)

  2. Ivan Sagalaev

    You're welcome!

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