Here's the question: Why write articles like "I spent two days with that tech and here's what I think" and why they seem to be so popular? The "Rust and Go" is a recent example of such an article.

It's not really shallow

I, for one, think it's an excellent article. Though it doesn't say anything that you wouldn't know within the first hour or two of simply researching about those languages on the Web but it expresses a few things remarkably well:

Education matters

Being an expert in anything makes it harder to appreciate what's useful to people on lower education stages. But they are still important because you can't become an expert without going through all of them. This is why it makes sense to write about something you're currently learning. Not because you know the subject better than anyone else but because you still remember what you didn't know a few days ago.

Move along

It's easy, really. If you've stumbled upon an article that seems obvious to you, congratulate yourself and move along. No need to bitch about it :-).

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  1. Leonids

    Am I the only one who reads it as an rant on hacker news eco-system/comments, not the issue in subject?


    Acctually that article should've been called "Beginner's first glance at Rust & Go"

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