Yesterday I gathered some willpower and began working on a long awaited (by myself, at the least) style unification in highlight.js. Here's the first taste of why I think it is important.

Let's take one of the recently added style — the "Android Studio" — and see how it displays two config languages that happen to not count as "hot" these days: Apache and .Ini:

To fix this particular case I had to define semantics for classes "section", "meta", "variable", "name" and "literal", and dropped all the Apache- and .Ini-specific rules from styles.

Here's how it looks now, nice and consistent:

There's a looong road ahead but after it's done designing a new style will be a matter of using a relatively short list of well-documented classes with a good guarantee that all languages will look decent.

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  1. Sannis

    Really nice start! Are you plan to release this in one branch or in many iterations?

  2. Ivan Sagalaev

    I couldn't invent a working way of introducing it gradually, so it's going to be a long living public branch that I plan to routinely keep up to date with master and when it's done I'll make a back merge to master and we'll release it as 9.0.

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