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From now on highlight.js is hosted at Yandex and can be linked directly at instead of downloading. This package however doesn't contain all the languages since it would become embarrassingly big otherwise. So I looked at the top downloaded languages and selected those of them so the final package ...




The usual solution to parsing JSON in Python is using either the included in the standard library simplejson or the third-party cjson that became popular recently. Both libraries process JSON in one piece: parse the whole thing and return a native Python object. However there is a certain value in ...

Programming warm-up



Today I've got a sudden revelation about the way I usually get to program. Not that it wasn't obvious before but this time I've managed to formulate this with actual words. Often I'm facing a problem of not being able to start programming something big: a big new subsystem, a ...



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I've made a small restyling of the site involving mostly the blog and the forum. Had to remind myself some of my old rusty CSS skills :-). As usually I welcome criticism though, as usually, it's unlikely to change much :-). Not because I'm stubborn (which I am) but because ...