Dark corners of JavaScript prototypes



So I have this syntax highlighter written in JavaScript that uses a stack of parsing modes for its job. This is just a plain Array named modes, and the most common operation in my code is accessing the top element: modes[modes.length - 1] … which is kinda ugly, right? So ...

Scientists, engineers and teachers



While working with people who write code I keep noticing three vaguely defined but nonetheless distinct "roles", or "styles of thinking", or "behavioral patterns", or "skill sets" — I don't really know how to call this classification per se, but I came up with a descriptive name for each class. ...

Where's that future everyone is talking about?



I'm guilty of it myself… But sometimes I feel this supposed "future" is a little bit farther than I'd like it to be. I can't tell any device to remind me to turn on my noisy dishwasher when I finished watching TV. Nothing is going to boil my kettle 5 ...