Status update: 2020



Pretty sure I'm in the minority on this one, but this year was actually a good one for me! One of the best in a while, to be honest… Pandemic There's nothing good about this, and we all could do without it. But even then, being introverted probably helped me ...

Server upgrade 2020



Regular readers of this blog have probably noticed that it is now served from a different IP address… Okay, okay, I'm kidding! This blog doesn't have any regular readers, of course. Anyway, what I'm trying to say is that I recently spent quite some effort to move all my stuff ...

On Kotlin

I've been writing code in Kotlin on and off over a few months, and I think I'm now at this unique stage of learning something new when I already have a sense of what's what, but not yet so far advanced so I don't remember beginner's pain points. Here's a ...

Dicts are now ordered, get used to it



There were several moments over the last few weeks when I heard people discuss differences between Python lists and dicts and one of the first ones mentioned was that lists are ordered and dicts are not. Well, not anymore. Quoting the docs referenced above: Changed in version 3.7: Dictionary order ...