My software, Rust

When last time I lamented the unoriginality of my tool nfp I also entertained the idea of salvaging some value from it by extracting the event debouncing part into a stand-alone tool. So that's what I did. Meet debounce, a Rust library and a prototype command-line tool. Rust In all ...


So what happened was, I fed up manually uploading pictures I export from Darktable to my Flickr photo stream using the browser's file picker. So I decided to do something about it. The initial idea was to craft a FUSE file system which would automatically upload new files, but this ...

New pet project


My software

So anyway, I'm making a shopping list app for Android. As I understand, "shopping list" is something of a hello-world exercise of Android development, which may explain why there are so many rudimentary ones in Google Play. Only in my case I actually need one, and I know exactly what ...