Hey, I almost managed an entire calendar year without a post! Not that I was ever adhering to any notion of schedule here, but I have to admit that lately I miss blogging more and more. It was nice to have a not-insignificant voice and be able to make some difference with things I used to care about, and still do.

Let's see if I can revive some activity here. No promises, of course…


First of all, I did a slight restyling of this blog. It now uses a non-standard font face, the front page lost both the "Recent comments" section and the "Essential topics". I plan to bring the latter back when I figure out how I want it to look and devise an algorithm that would keep it filled with something interesting without me maintaining it by hand. Other plans include reworking categories, comments and simplifying the whole bilingual machinery.

But all of that is secondary. For now I'm happy that anyone coming to a post from an external link can see when the post is written and who wrote it.


2018 wasn't a fun year for me at all. I had to quit my job at Shutterstock due to it turning more or less to shit, and even though I was lucky enough to be picked up by the people who quit before me to work at another company, AlphaSights, I'm still painfully trying to decide what I want to do with my professional life in the future. I'm a bit tired of being stuck in senior engineering roles where I can't really influence any strategic decisions. Also, being picky about morality, not wanting to commute every day and wanting to keep my hobbies limits my options pretty significantly. Capitalism sucks :-)

But hopefully I will resolve these problems one way or another before spiraling down into depression.


My family is wonderful, can't wish for anything better, really!

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  1. Антон

    Иван, а что не так с Шатерсток? Пару лет назад, я пересекался с их командой как консультант. Вроде было много задач, потенциальных проектов которые они хотели делать.

  2. Ivan Sagalaev

    Ну я, наверное, не могу особенно распространяться о деталях. Но, в общем, всё интересное, чем я там занимался, в итоге выкинули. Плюс менеджмент становился всё хуже и хуже (хорошие люди ушли, плохие пришли).

  3. Антон

    Жаль что не пересеклись. Знал бы что человек которого я давно читаю рядом работает - непременно позвал бы "поланчевать"+) удачи с новой работой!

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