OAuth is not a protocol


Web, OAuth

Though this post is obviously triggered by the recent damnation of OAuth 2.0 by the (former) spec editor Eran Hammer, it's not directly related to it. These are my thoughts about the technical role of OAuth that I wanted to blog about a year ago but couldn't force myself to ...

Hiring: you're doing it wrong


Hiring software engineers, that is… I remember exactly one time in my career when I successfully passed a technical interview, in 2002, two years after my graduation. After that I failed every time I tried to do it "properly" and all my eventual employment came to be due to people ...

When to use decorators in Python



The @decorator syntax in Python is easy to abuse. After all, it's simply a syntactic sugar for: obj = decorator(obj) The obj must be a function or a class but Python doesn't care about the output value that is then assigned to the same name. It may be, quite literally, ...

Fighting procrastination



It's been a while since I stopped going regularly to work. And while I really needed this break it also had its negative consequences, I forgot how to work using my brains. Many, surely, know this state of mind when all the good intentions and wonderful ideas are stopped dead ...