ijson in Rust: unescape


ijson in Rust, Rust

Today marks a milestone: with implementation of string unescaping my json parser actually produces entirely correct output! Which doesn't necessarily mean it's easy to use or particularly fast yet. But one step at a time :-) The code came out rather small, here's the whole function (source): fn unescape(s: &str) ...

ijson in Rust: the parser


ijson in Rust, Rust

It took me a while but I've finally implemented a working parser on top of the lexer in my little Rust learning project. I learned a lot and feel much more comfortable with the language by now. In the meantime I even managed to get out to a Rust Seattle ...

Styles unification: first results


My software

Yesterday I gathered some willpower and began working on a long awaited (by myself, at the least) style unification in highlight.js. Here's the first taste of why I think it is important. Let's take one of the recently added style — the "Android Studio" — and see how it displays ...