Versioning REST: another angle


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I've got an interesting comment on "Versioning REST APIs" that boils down to these points: Sometimes you can't really afford breaking clients (ever, or long enough to make no matter). A global version allows to freeze an old code base and have new implementation to be completely independent. This is ...

Versioning: follow-up


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After reading a few comments on reddit and by email about my post on versioning of REST APIs I see that I wasn't clear on terminology and have left out some context. That's okay! Overthinking details is the main killer of all my interesting thoughts :-) I'd rather post more ...

Versioning of REST APIs


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Don't version APIs, version resources. I.e., this is wrong: Global version number has a few problems: A backwards incompatible change to any one resource invalidates all clients, even those who don't use this particular resource. This is unnecessary maintenance burden on client developers. It constrains development on the server ...

ijson in Rust: object builder


ijson in Rust, Rust

Object builder is what makes a parser actually useful: it takes a sequence of raw parser events and creates strings, numbers, arrays, maps, etc. With this, ijson is functionally complete. Filtering Ijson can filter parser events based on a path down JSON hierarchy. For example, in a file like this: ...