Liberal JSON


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Tim Bray beat me to writing about this with some very similar thoughts to mine: Fixing JSON. I especially like his idea about native times, along with prefixing them with @ as a parser hint. I'd like to propose some tweaks however, based on my experience of writing JSON parsers ...

Versioning REST: another angle


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I've got an interesting comment on "Versioning REST APIs" that boils down to these points: Sometimes you can't really afford breaking clients (ever, or long enough to make no matter). A global version allows to freeze an old code base and have new implementation to be completely independent. This is ...

Versioning: follow-up


Web, Software design

After reading a few comments on reddit and by email about my post on versioning of REST APIs I see that I wasn't clear on terminology and have left out some context. That's okay! Overthinking details is the main killer of all my interesting thoughts :-) I'd rather post more ...

Versioning of REST APIs


Web, Software design

Don't version APIs, version resources. I.e., this is wrong: Global version number has a few problems: A backwards incompatible change to any one resource invalidates all clients, even those who don't use this particular resource. This is unnecessary maintenance burden on client developers. It constrains development on the server ...

Problem with JSON encoding


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JSON spec says that a UTF shall be used to encode it as a byte stream (with a strong preference to UTF-8). However it also allows characters to be encoded in the form of \uXXXX. This poses a problem on the parser implementation side: You have to decode a byte ...

On automation tools


Software design

Ever since I made an automatic publishing infrastructure for highlight.js releases… there wasn't a single time when it really worked automatically as planned! There was always something: directory structure changes that require updates to the automation tool itself, botched release tagging, out of date dependencies on the server, our CDN ...

Glyph Lefkowitz on threads


Python, Software design

I value very much the ability to put complex concepts into words in a systematic manner. And I thrive to do the same (at least, I did try when I was blogging actively). So now I'm a big fan of Glyph who laid out everything that is problematic about threads: ...